During this Covid-19 Crisis, Re/Max Accord Real Estate and the listing and selling of homes is considered an essential business. We are doing everything to take care of our clients, virtually whenever possible. Please call, text or email us for information. Most importantly be smart, be safe and stay strong!
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How do you sell your home for the most money?

If you are thinking of selling next year, get started now to be ready. Call your Re/Max Accord Agent today and learn how the Concierge program can help you sell your home faster and for a higher price.

Every Seller wants to know what to do to their property to get the most money when they sell! Although most sellers would choose to do all the suggested items, not all sellers have the cash available to pay up front. Re/Max Accord designed the perfect Concierge program for you! The Re/Max Accord Concierge Program allows you to prepare your home to sell for the best price! No cash out of your pocket! Here is how this amazing program works. This program includes professional staging and renovations with no upfront cost. First it is important to know that the Re/Max Accord Agent you choose will lead you through every step of the Concierge program. So choose an Re/Max Accord agent. Then your agent will arrange for a designer to come to your property and make suggestions as to which improvements will make your home sell for the maximum amount! These experienced designers give you independent advice and are not there to upsell you. They do not make any commissions on what you decide to do. The designer will obtain bids from licensed, insured and vetted vendors. The bids you review are a fixed price and Include professional project management. The vendors bids are at market rate or below due to the volume. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can even ask to use your own vendor, if they are licensed and insured properly. What makes this program so unique is that it can cover beyond just refreshing and staging, to include painting, power washing, flooring, hauling, packing, moving, relocation, repairs and beyond! Everything is paid by the program up front and then you pay at the close of escrow when you receive all of your proceeds. See More
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